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The X-Files

It was only the best show on television!!!

I said "was", because without David Duchovny, it just wont be the same.  Sure, I'll still watch it, but the new stuff will not measure up to the old episodes.   Fortunately they are now in syndication so us fanatics can still get our fix!!!.  Never has a show left me on the edge of my seat like it did.  I don't even believe in aliens, but as I like to tell people, "Chris Carter did a unbelievable job of making something I don't believe in believable!"  So, here are some sites that you might want to check out for interviews, episode guides, movie news, great pictures, etc.  I can't promise some of them wont go away, but I will try to keep this updated and delete those that do.  Enjoy!!!


Official Site - The official site from FOX.

Below are some more sites that you may want to check out!!!

Ultimate X-Files - This just might be the best one of all!!!

The X-Files: Apartment 42

X-Files Madness

X-Files Realm

Keen World of X-Files

Trust No One

If you know of any other good X-Files site that I should add to this list,

E-mail me by clicking HERE!!!

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