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Hi, you made it to my Entertainment, Health and Finance page.  I hope you find some useful links to help you manage your fantasy leagues and/or your money, listen to your favorite baseball team and/or favorite music, find out what movies are playing in your area, learn to eat healthy and live longer, and much more!!!

Sports, Money, Health and Fitness, Media

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Listen to any Major League baseball game online (it will cost you the small fee of $9.95 for the whole year, but if you are a baseball fanatic like me, you will find it well worth it).

# 5 - Only the Greatest All Around Catcher . . . . for you youngsters, his name is Johnny Bench!!!

Fantasy Sports Information:       Click STATS Sports Here

The Sporting News - Noteworthy player news (updated daily) and the fantasy spin!!!

ESPN -  My favorite for stats (sortable, last 7 days, last 30 days, etc.).

CBS Sportsline Just a good all around sports site.

Online Fantasy Games (the two listed are the me!!!):

CDM Sports - My personal favorite, with internet only games at a GREAT price.  Regular season and playoff contests with cash prizes at the national and divisional level (usually only 20 teams per division and top five win prizes!!!).  To check them out, don't click on the banner below, click here!!!

Smallworld - FREE stock market type games including NASCAR and some survival games.



CNBC - If your an investor, their cable TV station is addicting!!!

Yahoo Finance - My favorite for quick and easy research!!!                    

Kiplinger's - My favorite personal finance magazine!!!


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  Health & Fitness  

Lycos Health - Seems to have it all, including quick health related research.

Men's Health - Great stuff for fitness, healthy living, and healthy eating!!!

Real Age - A test to find out your biological age based on science and your personal health.

20/20 - LASIK???  You can trust Dr. Roholt and his staff!!!  I've been glasses free since 1999!!!






Movies - Locate theaters and find local showtimes just by entering a zip code.

The X-Files - I like this show so much, it has its own page.  Click here to go to it!!!

Musicmatch Radio - My favorite for radio on the web.  Nice variety of commercial free music.

Field of Dreams - The best movie ever made has a great website too!!!

  Click Here for Great Movies and Games

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Sports, Money, Health and Fitness, Media

The Wright Stuff