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First of all a BIG thanks to all the men and women that have served, or still are serving this country.  I, and I hope all the visitors to this page, actually can't thank you enough for all of your sacrifices and for keeping this great country FREE.  As Ted Nugent says on his TNUSA website: "I haven't seen any homemade boats heading for Cuba lately, and no one swims south across the Rio Grande!! The American dream is alive and well ........"  I teach science at a local high school, but I also try to teach my students patriotism and an appreciation for those that have fought or are still fighting so that they too may live this Great American Dream!!!

Below are some sites dealing with the running and protecting of the Constitution of the United States of America!!!


Department of Defense    

Army    Navy    Air Force    Marines    National Guard    Coast Guard   

Veteran Links


Your Military Search Starts Here!

  Military World


The White House 

CIA    FBI    Secret Service

Library of Congress


U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

The States

Join the United States Armed Forces


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