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Man's Best Friend

If you love dogs, and wish you could own one of every breed, here are some links you should enjoy!!!

Dog Breed Info - Nice site with guess what???  Lots of Info!!!

American Kennel Club - Information on each and every breed recognized by the club!!!

I Love Dogs - I love directory of dog websites!!!

Chief's Brittanys - "Espy" is a Britt, so I had to include this site.  You'll like it if you own any Sporting Dog!!!

Dog Owners Guide - Online magazine for dog lovers!!!

How intelligent is your dog??? - Where does your favorite breed rank?  Based on a dog trainers survey.

Can't think of a name??? - Two-thousand names to choose from should help you out!!!

Coming soon:  To borrow an idea from the Chief's Brittanys site, I plan on adding a page of pictures sent to me by YOU, the visitors to my site.  

Stay tuned!!!


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The Wright Stuff